The party rescued Nundro and together they navigated back through the Wave Echo Cave the way they’d come. They recovered the body of the dwarf left unceremoniously at the entrance of the mine, and Nundro confirmed that it was that of his brother Tharden Rockseeker. The trip back to town was uneventful, and everyone was thankful to arrive back in town. The members of the party spent the evening snuggling with the various magical items they’d found and learned

The gauntlets found on the remains of the dwarf where the party had fought off a couple bugbears are gauntlets of ogre power. While wearing these gauntlets, your Strength becomes 19. If your Strength is already 19 or higher, the gauntlets simply have no effect.

The wand Dresden found underwater turned out to be a wand of magic missiles. It has 7 charges, and with the wand in hand, you can use your action to fire the magic missile spell and expend 1 to 3 of the wand’s charges. For each charge expended beyond 1, the spell’s level increases by 1. You can use this wand even if you are incapable of casting spells. The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges each day at dawn. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20 and on a 1, the wand crumbles into ash and is destroyed.

The Spider Staff carried by Nezznar required attunement in order to use its magical properties. Until then it can be wielded as a quarterstaff. Once attuned, it deals 1d6 extra poison damage on a hit when used to make a weapon attack. It also has 10 charges which are used to fuel the spells within it. You can use your action to cast one of the following spells from the staff if the spell is on your class’s spell list: spider climb (1 charge) or web (2 charges, spell save DC 15). It regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges each day at dusk. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20 and on a 1, the wand crumbles into dust and is destroyed.

And one of the books the group found in the stash given by the spectral figure in the caverns had a map sewn into its cover. The map references several locations in the Sumber Hills to the east of Phandalin.

Sadly, the strange tingling of the weapons conferred by the green flames of what turned out to be the Forge of Spells had faded away by the next morning.

The people of Phandalin were pleased to see the adventurers return safely and amazed to see Nundro alive. There was a dwarven burial ceremony to lay Tharden to rest, and afterwards everyone got very drunk. Sildar Hallwinter offered up the Tresendar Manor to the group and invited them to make the town their home. Gundren and Nundro promised to award the party a 10 percent share of the mine’s profits once they take over the administration of the mine.

Episode 9
Bugbears - Kill Them With Fire

The party took a short rest, both to recover health and to study the loot they acquired during their previous encounters. A mace claimed by Roque turned out to be magical, as did an armor breastplate now carried by Dresden.

They explored the area around the forge, confirming that water once flowed through the now-dry channel, turning a waterwheel and driving the bellows. Their investigation also turned up raw ore, and they surmised that the forge was used to craft normal metallic objects, which were then likely taken to the light-beam “spell-forge” area to get imbued with magic.

Six bugbears, but only five beds

Still on the hunt for the lost brother of Gundren, the party continued their exploration of Wave Echo cave. They found a door that refused to budge, but a strong surge of strength from the Dragonborn caused the door to fly open. Inside, they found a kind of barracks, inhabited by six bugbears. A fight ensued.

At first, the party didn’t cause much damage to the beasts, but soon Gran began using his oil-soaked arrows, and the flames seem to inspire everyone. At one point, a hail of thorns targeting the bugbears also seemed to target Erevan, but the plucky monk caught the thorns in the air, re-directing them into the bugbears. Another flaming arrow — lit from the burning body of one prone bugbear — was shot into other bugbear. Soon, the room was very bright but completely devoid of living monsters.

The Prisoner Speaks

Next, They found their way to a large cavern partly filled with water. Eschewing the easy path, they followed a water-filled narrow passageway out of the cavern and into a large room, where they surprised a group of five bugbears and a drow. Some of the bugbears appeared to be excavating in the dirt-covered floor of the room.

The party focused on eliminating the drow first, and were able to take it down despite its attempt to flee up a set of stairs in a corner of the room. Dresden found himself alone facing a pair of bugbears in a sunken section of the room, but held his ground long enough for the others to climb down and join the fight. Eventually, the bugbears were dispactched, and the drow was captured.

They interrogated the drow, who revealed that another drow named Nesnar was in charge. The prisoner said that the bugbears were digging for treasure, and confirmed that, somewhere up the stairs, a dwarf was being held prisoner.

The party debated what to do with the prisoner, finally deciding to knock him out but leave him there alive.

Before they left, the party investigating the bugbear’s digging. They uncovered the ancient remains of a dwarf, wearing an intact set of gauntlets.

Hey guys, I have a plan: Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!

Sneaking up the stairs passed a locked door, they tip-toed their way toward another large room, where they saw a drow and two more bugbears. Assuming this was the leader, and possibly a tough opponent, the party sketched out an intricate plan that involved dashing across the room and hitting it with their weapons.

The drow and bugbears were surprised, but soon recovered. The drow began casting spells, including a shield spell on himself, but the party focused all of their efforts to take him down, and rapidly dispatched him. The two bugbears survived marginally longer.

On the drow’s body, the party found a key, which helpfully unlocked the door that they’d passed earlier. A thankful Nundren the dwarf emerged.

Episode 8
A Ghost and a Skull

Leave No Strongbox Behind

The party moved deeper into Wave Echo cave, searching for the source of the periodic whooshing sound.

Unable to pass up the opportunity to open a door, the group cautiously entered a rectangular room that had a long, counter-like table. A weighing scale rested on the table. On the wall behind the counter were a series of cubby-holes, many containing scraps of paper. The decayed corpses of dwarves and gnomes were scattered around the room. The strips of paper appeared to be receipts or records, recording the ore submitted by individual miners and possibly the pay they received.

Behind the counter, a locked strongbox caught the party’s eyes. Attempts to pick and bash the lock were unsuccessful. Certain that it held great treasure, the party was hesitant to leave it behind, so Rhoq flexed his dragony muscles and carried the box with them further into the Cave.

Hold Your Breath

A further passageway led to a large, rectangular cavern, covered with a kind of moss or fungus. An passageway exited on the far side of the room. Boldly the party stomped forward into the cavern, only to be surrounded by a cloud of poison gas emanating from the fungus.

Urdnot became poisoned, but bravely rushed forward through the cavern to the other side, even as the others retreated to the original side. Inspired by his heroics, each party member held their breath and lurched thru the cavern. Soon, they were all across, and Urdnot’s illness faded.

Let’s Talk to the Spectre, He Seems Nice

As they moved closer to the sound, they came upon a set of closed double-doors that led into a room that jutted out into the corridor. The wall containing the double-doors was blackened, as if it had suffered from fire damage, or repeated blasts. They forced their way through the doors and into a large rectangular room, split in half with a wall that projected halfway into the room. This room, the party decided, was happy to see them.

A living area with a bed occupied one half of the room. A chest at the foot of the bed drew the group’s attention, but a ghost-like figure suddenly appeared. It identified itself as Moremask, and warned them that it would not let them take its treasure. However, after some tense discussions, the spectre’s attention was drawn to a magical spell scroll carried by Mac. The ghost said that if the party would give him the scroll, plus perform the minor task of “killing the Spectator,” they could have what was in the chest. The party agreed. They tried to pry more information from Moremask about the Spectator, but got only garbled responses.

The Escarpment and the Eye

After learning that the mysterious Spectator was up an escarpment, the party began a heavy debate on the meaning of ‘escarpment.’ Agreeing to disagree, they proceeded up (or possibly down or through) the escarpment, and found a second room behind a part of double-doors. One of the doors was slighly ajar, through which they spied a glowing light.

Bursting into the room, they spotted what appeared to be a workroom in which weapons or armor was made. In the center of the room was a fountain-like beam of strange, mystical light. Floating nearby was a giant sphere with many stalks, each with an eye at the end.

Somehow, Erevan was able to hear the thoughts of the hovering eyeball monster, which spoke in a strange language. It warned the party that it was a guardian there, and could not leave while it was guarding the light-fountain. Erevan announced that he was there to relieve the Spectator. Strangely, that satisfied the bizarre creature, and it disappeared.

Gran, curious about the fountain, decided to stick things into the mystical beam. He reported a tingly feeling, which immediately caused all of the guys to gather around and stick their things into it too. After everyone got tingly, they headed back to Moremask, who rewarded them with a pile of coins and three diamonds.

The Forge

TBD – Still need to flesh this part out

- Down stairs into huge cavern
- Bellows and waterwheel; a forge;
- Crashing waves onto a crevice; obviously source of the “Wave Echo” noise
- Encounter with green floating skull, 4 dwarf, 4 orc zombies/skeletons
- Tough fight; party somewhat separated into melee and ranged weapon groups; Roque and Erevan both dropped below 0 HP; final victory

Episode 7
Into Wave Echo Cave

Into Wave Echo Cave
The adventurers celebrated their recent victory at Tresendar Manor with a night of drinking at Stonehill Inn. Many of the town’s notable residents were there, some of whom gratefully thanked the party for ridding the town of the Redbrands.

Harbin, the town master, reiterated that he would richly reward anyone who could rid Desolin Valley of a troop of maurauding orcs. Gundren, still hobbling and tender from his recent captivity with the Cragmaw, begged the party to continue the search for his brothers, reminding them that they now knew the location of Wave Echo Cave. Sister Gareele asked Rhoque if he still possessed the special comb, and still intended to seek out the banshee. The old soldier Doron Edermath once again muttered about dangerous magic at Old Owl Well.

The party debated about which task was most worthy of their next attention. During their deliberations, the inrepid bounty-hunter Granite related a fascinating story about Wave Echo Cave that he’d gleaned from a Dwarven journal he’d picked up in Tresendar. Their minds cloudy from the ale, few details of Gran’s story were remembered, except that it was a great story, and that it involved dwarves, orcs, a forge that could create magic items, and a cave-in.

After hearing the well-told tale, the party was unanimous that their next destination should be a search for the Spell Forge. Now that they had a plan for the next day, they happily drank themselves into such stupors that they didn’t wake up until very late the next day.

The party decided to bring some pick-axes should they need to clear any cave-ins that blocked important areas of Wave Echo Cave. For some reason, Mac and Dresden seemed uncomfortable with seeking the tools at the Miner’s Guild, so they instead went on a shopping spree at Barthen’s Provisions. In case they uncovered too much loot to carry themselves, the party also decided to rent a donkey for the journey, at the price of 5 gold.

Dresden consulted Gundren’s map. “Head toward that tall peak,” he concluded, pointing at a craggy mountaintop in the far-off mountains, “and we’ll find it near the foothills.” The five brave adventurers and one leery donkey headed off into the wilderness.

Dead Dwarf, Nice Boots

After a dusty march and some searching, they spied what appeard to be a likely entrance to the cave. The cautiously went inside, and found a large cavern, with a section on one side sunk into a long, narrow pit. They also spied the dead body of a dwarf, along with camping and mining supplies that would be used by a prospector.

Searching the body, they concluded it was none other than Nundren, one of Gundren’s brothers. There were no visible wounds that could explain his death. One item in his possession that seemed unusual was a pair of boots, which Mac reported had some magical property.

“What’s the proper way to honor a dead dwarf?” one of the adventurers asked. They all looked at Gran. “Well,” he said slowly, “I was raised by wolves, so I’m not sure. Let’s stick him in a bag and leave him by the donkey for now.” Everyone thought that sounded like a fine way to honor the dead, so Gran and Mac hauled the corpse to the donkey while the others searched the rest of the cavern.

Dresden found a lantern and oil amongst Nundren’s belongings. The resulting light source helped his human eyes, as well as that of the party’s dragonborn paladin, see in the otherwise dark caverns.

Pits and Hallways and Stirges
Erevan investigated the collapsed section of the cave. After about a 20 foot drop, the pit actually opened into two cooridors, one at each end. The drow’s darkvision enabled him to see that the passageway to the right led to further corridors. The group scambled effortlessly into the chasm.

Every couple of minutes, the stone passageways echoed with an eerie rushing sound, as if a wave were crashing on a beach, or a huge giant was taking a breath. The party concentrated but couldn’t identify the cause, but did suspect that the sound was likely eminating from somewhere toward the northeeast, so the party headed that direction.

Beyond the apparent cave-in, the passageway was clearly dwarven construction rather than natural cave. Boldly, the team marched into a larger passageway. Suddenly, vile stirges dropped from the ceiling above, surprising everyone.

The vicious beasts sunk their piercing beaks into multiple people, sucking blood. Almost everyone bravely fought them off, killing most of them, although two escaped through the front cave entrance after snacking heartily on Mac.

Once cleared of the stirges, the party found themselves in a series of passageways. While they felt the “whooshing” noise was still coming from the northeast, they decided to investigate two closed doors along a side passage. Erevan checked for traps at one door, and finding none, the party entered.

They saw piles of humanoid bones; a mix of orc and dwarf, which the group assumed were some o fthe remains of the battle that Gran had described in his story. Rhoquar prepared to sense for the presence of undead, but that proved unnecessary as the bones suddenly assembled themselves into a troop of 9 warriors. The fight commenced.

As the skeletons charged, Erevan realized they could close the door and possibly trap the undead inside without a fight. One by one the party members made fighting withdrawls back into the cooridor, after which Erevan slammed the stone door to a close.

Feeling unsatisfied without a good fight, the party decided to try quickly opening the door and blasting the skeletons in masse with a spell. They swung the door open and Mac cast Thunderwave, but the spell only pushed back a couple of the enemy. Dresden (or was it Gran or Roque) pulled the druid back out, and once again they slammed the door shut.

Their next plan was to make the doorway a killing zone, so they stood back about fifteen feet, ranged weapons at the ready. The skeletons opened the door and began to emerge, and the party began attacking. Most of the undead hung back, using bows to attack from range, and they scored a number of hits. Finally, the party rushed forward in melee, and after suffering many wounds, restored the piles of bones to a pile of bones.

Licking their injuries, the party discovered nothing of value within the room. However, Rhoquar concluded that their first encounters in Wave Echo were a success: “Today was a great day. I did nothing evil.”

Episode 6

The Secret Door

After reconnoitering the area around the crevice, the party headed down a corridor in search of the prisoners. The passageway ended abruptly in a blank wall. Realizing that Erevan had now caught up with the group, the group asked the drow to search the apparent dead-end for secret doors. He soon found one.

With Dresden in front, and Gran guarding the rear, the group went through the secret entrance, and found themselves in a large room. Along the near wall was a cistern, filled with clean water. On the opposite wall was a raised ledge, with stairways leading up to it from both sides of the room. In addition to a door on the ledge, there was another door under one stairway, and a third door on the other side of the cistern.

They searched the room, finding nothing more than barrels filled with provisions. Anxious to find the prisoners, they headed through the door under the stairs, and found a long hallway with a door at the far end. Before they made it down the hallway, Gran — still guarding their rear — shouted in alarm. Three Redbrands had emerged from the door alongside the cistern, apparently trying to sneak up behind the group.

The first Redbrand was taken down quickly, in large part from damage from a tremendous bow shot. The other two engaged the party in hand-to-hand combat, but proved no match for the group. After they were dispatched, they were searched, and a number of gold, electrum, and silver coins were found on them.

The Pit of Bad Ideas
The party then resumed their trek down the next hallway, only to see the floor collapse underneath Urdnot. The paladin fell heavily into a pit, falling prone on the floor. Bruised but okay, he waited as Dresden attempted to reach the far side of the pit by tip-toeing along a narrow ledge. The fighter lost his balance, and plummeted into the pit too.

The remaining three debated how to rescue the two warriors from the hole, when with a sudden burst of inspiration, Gran realized it was a short 10-foot leap across the pit. He easily made the jump. Scrawny Mac didn’t think he had the strength to leap that far, so he transformed into a wolf which could more easily clear the distance. Soon, all five teammates were safely on the other side.

The Skeletons and the Sarcophagus
The door at the end of the hallway led to a strange crypt. Three skeletons, each resting in front of a closed stone sarcophagus, seemed to stand guard. Urdnot’s paladin senses suggested that undead were nearby, setting the party on edge.

Not wanting to take the chance that the skeletons might suddenly attack, Gran slammed one of them with his weapon, breaking its ribs. The skeleton remained inanimate. To be safe, all three skeletons were dispatched to piles of dust. They debated whether to open the sarcophagus, but after much discussion, decided to leave whatever was inside alone.

After the crypt, another room was discovered that appeared to be used as a Redbrand armory. In addition to hand weapons, there were many quivers of arrows and bolts. There were also dirty red cloaks. The ranged weapon users happily helped themselves to a resupply of arrows.

Prisoner’s Cells – and the Zentarum
Confident, the party continued their way through the basement of Tresendar. They soon emerged into a large room that included prisoner’s cells. The cell’s floor was lined with uncomfortable-looking straw, and three prisoners — two women and one child — were inside. All wore iron chains around their necks. But the party’s attention was demanded elsewhere, as a boss wearing studded leather armor and two Redbrand henchmen attacked just as the party came into the room.

Swords slashed and flails flailed as everyone joined in the melee. The party slowly gained the upper hand, however, and eventually the armor-wearing boss was thrown to the ground and pinned, while the two Redbrands were killed.

Realizing the jig was up, the pinned loser revealed herself as Halea, owner of miner’s shop in town. She had taken control of the Redbrands after GlassStaff had been overthrown. After further interrogation, she revealed that she was a member of the secretive Zentarum society.

While questioning Halea, the party discovered that the stone key taken from an enemy in an earlier fight unlocked the cells as well as the prisoner’s chains. The prisoners identified themselves as Kellen and Pip, who lived on the nearby farm that had been recently raided by the Redbrands. The third was a woman named Erna Nendrar.

What to Do with Halea?
Halea suggested that the party let her go, and even implied that they group mind find membership in the Zentarum valuable. However, the party realized that the now-released prisoners would surely object to any shady deal that let Halea escape punishment, so they decided to escort the prisoners out of Tresendar, while also taking Halea to the town authorities.

Even though they hadn’t cleared the upstairs of Redbrand, the party retraced their steps and headed toward the exit. The pit, which they managed to cross earlier, now proved a challenge, since they had no easy way to cross while keeping Halea bound, and also aiding the ex-prisoners. Luckily, they came up with a brilliant plan than enabled all of them to safely cross, the details of which are too epic to recount.

On exiting, Erna apologized for not being able to reward the heroes for rescuing her, but she did give them a potential lead on the location of some valuable treasure in Thudnertree. In that abandoned town was a former shop, and buried there was an emerald necklace. Erna hoped the party could locate it.

Back at the town, the party hauled Halea back to Sildar and Harbon at the town hall. Upon hearing the amazing tale, Sildar paid the party 200gp for dealing with the Redbrands, while Halea was left with the town master. The party returned to the Inn, intent on celebrating their victories at Tresendar, and resting up for their next adventure.

Episode 5
Return to the Tresendar Manor

The party and Gundren Rockseeker rested the night after their encounters at Cragmaw Castle. It was an uneventful night, and they arose the next morning, retrieved their horses, and began the trek back to Phandalin.

As the group approached the Triboar Trail, they noticed 5 orcs with weapons out circled around a dwarf. The orcs appeared to be giving the dwarf some trouble, so the adventurers, a brave and kindhearted lot, decided to help the dwarf and attack the orcs. Erevan was feeling sickly and stayed behind to mind the horses with Gundren who was still recovering from his ordeals with the Cragmaw tribe.

The orcs were somewhat incompetent and definitely outmatched. One dropped his weapon and another fell while attempting to attack Roque. Once the party had taken out 3 of the enemies, one of the remaining two fled, only to have the dwarf fling both axes at him. One axe hit the orc in the leg and the other split his skull.

After the battle, the dwarf introduced himself as Gran, and asked the adventurers to sign his petition. He then informed the group he was headed to Phandalin. As they were all headed in the same direction, they decided to travel together.

Revenge of the Redbrands
The motley crew sauntered into Phandalin along the main road from the north just has they had many days ago when first arriving in the town. This time, however, things seemed different. Rather than people strolling about and kids playing in the streets, this time, the party saw few people out and about. Those who were, clearly were in a hurry to get back to their houses and indoors.

On their way to the Townmaster’s Hall, the adventurers stopped at Barthen’s Provisions to return their borrowed mounts to Elmar Barthen. From him, they learned that the Redbrands have been causing trouble again and seemed to have intensified their harassment of the townsfolk. The thugs had even gone so far as to kidnap Qelline Alderleaf and her son Pip.

A little further up the street, Gundren and Erevan separated from the others to get rooms at the Stonehill Inn. Gundren thanked the party again for rescuing him and told them he hoped they would go on to Wave Echo Cave and get revenge for his capture and torment and find out what has happened to his brothers Nundro and Tharden, as he’d heard that the Black Spider was there.

At the Townmaster’s Hall, Harbin Wester and Sildar confirmed Elmar’s reports. Wester seemed irritated that the adventurers had not yet taken care of the orcs at Wyvern Tor but still pays 50gp to Gran after being handed a string of orc ears. Gran’s petition turned out to be an agreement that Gran would receive the reward for his orc bounties.

Sildar thanked the party for rescuing Gundren and rewarded them 500gp for their efforts. He asked them to follow up and visit Wave Echo Cave. He stressed the importance to the Lord’s Alliance that the Rockseekers reestablish the mine and bring prosperity to the region. Additionally, he encourages the group to deal with the resurgence of the Redbrands. He told them that he gave them 200gp for capturing Glasstaff and that his membership in the Lord’s Alliance empowered him to offer them the same if they could finish off the Redbrands for good.

Breaking and Entering
It was getting late in the day, so the party decided to head to the Inn to get rooms for the night. Upon entering, they recognized a few people within. Toblen Stonehill, the innkeeper once again confirmed that the Redbrands were increasing their nefarious activities and that Qelline and Pip had been taken from their own homes by people in red cloaks, presumably Redbrands.His wife reminded the group that Thel Dendrar’s wife and son had also gone missing shortly after Thel Dendrar was murdered by the Redbrands.

Daran Edermath was also at the Inn. Not knowing where the party had been the last several days, he asked them if they had gone out to Old Owl Well yet to check on the rumors of undead roaming around. When they told him they had not yet done so, he encouraged them to check it out. The party said they would, and asked Daran if the Redbrands were still holed up at the manor on the hill. He said that was likely and suggested that Halia Thornton, owner and operator of the Miner’s Exchange may have stepped up to lead the band of thugs.

The group retired to their rooms with the exception of Mac who transformed into a wolf and took off to reconnoiter the areas around the Tresendar Manor. He wandered around the manor itself and found nothing, then padded around the tunnel entrance in the woods south of the manor. With his enhanced wolf senses, Mac smelled the presence of several people including the party members but nothing unusual except the smell of raw meat. This was explained away by the rest of the party upon his return as something they had taken into the tunnel themselves.

Next, Mac and Dresden went out to see what they could find out about Halia Thornton at the Miner’s Exchange. The doors of the shop were locked, so, lacking thieves’ tools, they decided to break a window and climb in. They were able to do so undetected but found only mining equipment in the shop. Even a back office revealed nothing about Halia. The one thing they did learn was that Halia apparently does not sleep at the shop.

At this point, the party simply decided to rest after their long day of travel and reconnoitering.

Back to the Redbrand Hideout
Late the following morning, the hardy Mac, Dresden, Roque, and Gran set off through the tunnel leading to the area beneath the Tresendar Manor. They entered the familiar cavernous room split by a wide crevasse. Fortunately, they had remembered to bring some meat to feed the strange creature that lived there. When it approached, sending images of feeding, hunger, and figures in red cloaks, Roque promptly tossed the meat to it. As the beast fed, the group worked their way up the western ledge of the crevasse to a short hall off to the northwest of the room.

Down a small set of stairs, at the end of the hall, the group found two doors. Going through the north door, they found a room full of old glassware and books. One of the books was written in dwarvish. Gran was able to read it. He indicated it was nothing important but stashed it away in his pack regardless.

The group left that room with the intention of going through the other door in the hall, but stopped short when Dresden, in the lead, heard noises coming from the other side. Roque commented that it sounded like gambling, and when the party burst into the room, they found that was indeed the case. Four Redbrands were playing a game of knucklebones and had clearly been drinking. They stood up when the adventurers burst in, but the intruders had the jump on the thugs.

Two of the Redbrands were quickly dispatched. Dresden grappled a third and held him while Roque(?) fought the forth to unconsciousness. Gran had a pair of manacles which the party used to restrain the two living Redbrands and attempted to interrogate the conscious one. In an attempt to intimidate the thug, Roque kicked the other Redbrand dealing enough damage to kill him. This had the desired effect, but the thug was unaware of anyone above him who might be in charge, parroting the questions asked him in his inebriated state. When asked about the kidnapped children, however, the Redbrand revealed that the prisoners were being held on the opposite side of the building in a slave pen on the other side of the crevasse. The party decided to take two of the red cloaks and move on, leaving the last living Redbrand behind, shackled to his dead cohort.

There was a door on the other side of the room so the group went through, entering into a short hall again with a door opposite on the south and stairs leading east. Again, before they could enter the next door, they heard voices from other side. No one in the party could understand the deep-voiced, rough language they heard, however. Regardless, they decided to try giving the occupants the bum rush again.

Dresden thrust open the door revealing three confused bugbears and a goblin within. The goblin promptly fainted, and one of the bugbears (wearing a jeweled eye patch) turned to Dresden to ask what was going on. Though Dresden was dressed in a red cloak, the bugbear noticed the dwarf and the dragonborn behind him. This made him suspicious, and Dresden, noticing this left the room so Mac could move in and cast the thunderwave spell. The thunderwave blasted the bugbears, knocking back two of them. Mac then backed out of the room to stand guard at the end of the hall, while Dresden, Roque, and Gran moved in to take out the monsters. They quickly did away with the bugbears but accidentally killed the pitiable goblin in the process.

The adventurers worked their way out of the hall, finding themselves back in the large room, still on the west side of the crevasse. As soon as Dresden stepped foot onto the short wooden bridge leading across, it collapsed, sending him falling 20 feet to the bottom. Fortunately, he sustained only minor injuries. The bottom of the crevasse was quite cold — unnaturally so, and nearby lay the half eaten body of a human male. Also nearby was a kind of cubby hole with a wooden box inside. Dresden pulled out the box which was actually a chest, opened it and found several pieces of silver and electrum along with some gems, potions, a scroll, and a longsword inscribed with the word “Talon”. He didn’t know anything about the sword even though the inscription seemed familiar. Once he made the easy climb to the top of the crevasse, though, Roque recalled a bit of lore about the sword. It once belonged to Sir Aldith Tresendar, namesake of the Tresendar Manor, known also as the Black Hawk.

Episode 4

The Cult of the Dragon
After resting for the night in Reidoth’s home, the party headed out to reconnoiter the buildings on the western side of the town. Some of the buildings clustered around an old fountain seemed quiet, but they noticed what sounded like activity from a building to the south.

Unsure of what was inside, the party formed the first of what proved to be many not-so-cunning plans for the day. While Urdnot watched the rear door, Mac ambled up to the front pretending to be a wandering beggar. Some hooded men answered the door, shooing Mac away before he could learn much about who — and how many — might be inside. Mac, along with Dresden, approached the front door again, while Urdnot approached from the rear.

After a tense stand-off that nearly came to blows, Dresden, Mac, and Urdnot began a discussion with the men in the building. Erevan provided cover against an ambush by remaining hidden in the trees outside. The leader of the apparent cult, a man named Faurik, said that he and his group were in Thundertree to parlay with the mighty dragon that lived in the ruin tower on the north end of town. After more discussion, Faurik invited the adventurers to join him as he approached the dragon. While wary of each other, the cult and the party seemed to share a common interest in engaging with the dragon, so they joined forces and headed off toward the tower together.

Chatting as they meandered toward the lair of the dangerous dragon, Faurik casually mentioned to Mac that his group was called the Cult of the Dragon. Mac, suddenly realizing this was the same group responsible for the death of his former druid master, unleashed a Thunderwave spell. This wild attack injured not just cultists, but unfortunately hurt the nearby Urdnot as well. A messy battle between the adventurers and the Cultists ensued. The party dispatched most of the cultists, leaving one alive for questioning.

While searching the bodies of the slain cultists, the party discovered a trove of diamonds with Faurik. The diamonds, along with the robes of the slain cultists, sparked a second semi-cunning plan of the day: The party would assume the role of the Cultists and present the diamonds to the dragon as part of a ruse to get the dragon to leave Thundertree.

The Dragon
Urdnot refused to wear the cultist’s robes, so Dresden put on the garment and lead the party toward the ruined tower, where Reidoth said the dragon lived. The group found a circular stone tower, its roof partially collapsed, attached to a somewhat-intact building. Aware that the dragon was inside the tower, the party first went into the smaller annex, and agreed on their plan. Dresden would enter the dragon’s lair and claim he was a representative of a large group of dragon devotees anxious to have the dragon take up residence in their community. Dresden would offer the diamonds taken from Faurik, and claim that a lot more treasure awaited the dragon if he would just go there.

Dresden entered the base of the tower through a door from the annex. Apparently amused, the green dragon politely accepted the diamonds, and made a counter-offer: Go fetch the rest of the treasure and bring it to the dragon’s current home in the ruined tower. Not expecting this turn of events, Dresden was dismissed by the dragon, and he returned to the annex.

Brimming with confidence after their many recent victories, the party decided to confront the dragon more directly. Noticing that most of the roof of the tower was missing, they decided that they could gain advantage against the dragon, or even kill it outright, if they could collapse the tower onto him. They agreed that Mac would scale to the top of the tower from the outside, while Dresden distracted the dragon with more conversation. If Dresden was unable to trick the dragon into leaving, then on the signal “Kaw-kaw!”, Mac would cast a Thunderwave spell to topple the tower onto the unsuspecting dragon.

In what must have been a stroke of device luck, the dragon survived, suffering only the inconvenience of a few shattered wooden boards bouncing off his well-armored head. The party scattered as the dragon climbed to the top of the tower, his claws and teeth slashing at the adventurers. Dresden, Urdnot, and Erevan all recorded solid attacks against the beast, but soon the dragon began spouting a poisonous breath, and the party faced a rout. Mac fell to the ground near death.

Urdnot, clear-headed enough to realize that the party had chosen a virtually unconquerable enemy, decided that an honorable surrender would be the only way to save their very lives. The dragon, once again amused at the party’s contriteness, agreed to let the team depart without further strife.

They hobbled back to Reidoth’s abode, where they reported achieving a low level of success with the dragon. Perhaps, they thought, a more appropriate foe might be found by seeking out Cragmaw Castle, and dealing with the nasty goblins there.

Cragmaw Castle
[I can’t remember the details about what happened at the Castle]

Front door fight – In which Erevan had great success catching arrows

Fight in the Dining Hall

The Final Battle – King Grol & the (hot) shape-changing drow

Rescuing Gundren

Episode 3

At the Townmaster’s Hall

The adventurers sauntered through town with Iarno Albrek in tow and arrived at the townmaster’s hall. Next to the front door, they noticed a sign reading “REWARD — Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within.” Three people were in the main room of the hall when the party entered. One the party recognized immediately: Sildar Hallwinter. Another was a half-elf druid in shabby and somewhat odoriferous hide armor. The third, a heavy set man dressed in clothing far finer than any the group had encountered in Phandalin, approached them in a bit of a tizzy. He introduced himself as Harbin Wester, the townmaster.

“Ah, you must be the folks who had a run-in with some of the Redbrands,” he said. “Look, the Redbrands aren’t such a bad group. They might hassle the local businesses some, but they’re really not that much trouble. I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from messing with them again.” He then suggested that if the party were interested in getting out their aggression, they might consider investigating the reports of a band of orcs near Wyvern Tor, an area in the hills out east of town.

“Drive them off. Kill them off. Do whatever you want. Just deal with them so they’ll stop attacking settlers coming to Phandalin. We want the town to grow and their not helping,” Harbin Wester said. He didn’t know how many orcs there might be, but wouldn’t offer a price per orc, just 100 gold for getting rid of them.

The party considered this especially Dresden who voiced his hatred of orcs, and the druid, overhearing, stepped forward and introduced himself as Mac, a kindred orc-hater. He indicated he’d be interested in also dealing with the orcs at Wyvern Tor, but that he would prefer to be paid in copper as he doesn’t touch gold or silver.

At this point Sildar Hallwinter stepped in to greet his rescuers and introduced himself to Mac. He told the druid of how the others had rescued him from goblins and encouraged the group to find and rescue Gundren. “While being held captive in the goblin cave, the goblins mentioned they’d taken Gundren to King Grol at some place called Cragmaw Castle. Though I don’t know where that is, it’s likely someplace near that cave north of the Triboar Trail. They also took the map Gundren had to Wave Echo Cave, the lost mine of the Phandelver Pact. Gundren and his brothers are the only ones who knew the location of Wave Echo Cave. It would be a terrible thing if these goblins were to control the spell forge there. As such, I’ll reward you 500 gold if you can find the Cragmaw Castle, rescue Gundren and defeat or drive off the goblins.”

Iarno then piped up saying, “It doesn’t matter what you do, the Black Spider will find the spell forge and bring all of you down.”

Sildar called in some guards to haul Iarno away and granted the party 200 gold for capturing him. “The Lord’s Alliance wants this town to grow and prosper and Iarno was sent here to help. What he and the Rebrands have done in this town goes against everything the Lord’s Alliance stands for. We’ll send him back to Neverwinter to face judgement.”

As the guards hauled off Glasstaff, Harbin Wester followed frantically, imploring them to be kind to the wizard. “He’s really not that bad!” he pleaded.

Sildar informed the group that a druid who frequents Phandalin knows the area well. “He travels between here and the ruins of Thundertree where he does some sort of work. He would likely know the location of Cragmaw Castle.”

Mac informed everyone that he knows of Reidoth and encouraged the group to seek him out. Given this plus the larger reward, the group decided to go to Thundertree and headed to Barthen’s Provisions to rent horses for the journey.

The Road to Thundertree

The party rode along the Triboar Trail then north along the High Road until they were about 20 miles south of Neverwinter at which point they headed northeast off road. They made camp for the night just off the High Road.

During the early part of the second watch, while the others were sleeping, Mac heard rustling in the bushes just beyond the perimeter of the fire. His darkvision allowed him to see 4 shapes moving about, so he quickly and quietly woke the others. Erevan, having superior darkvision, made out the shapes as 4 goblins. Dresden took aim with his long bow and shot one of the goblins, and the battle began!

Roque and Erevan engaged in melee with two of the goblins while Dresden and Mac fought at a distance. When one of the goblins fled the battle, Mac changed shape into a wolf and pursued the creature. Roque and Erevan also gave chase after dealing with their own attackers. Dresden grappled a goblin prone and pummeled the beast to death with his escrima sticks. Once Mac caught up to the last goblin, it didn’t stand a chance. The wolf knocked the goblin down and tore its throat open, ending the battle. The party slept well the rest of the night and woke the next morning to continue on to the ruins of Thundertree.

Plant monsters AND zombies!

The group made their way in to Thundertree from the west along an old, overgrown lane that wound its way through run down buildings, and thick brush and trees. On the outskirts of town, they saw a sign reading “DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!”

Undeterred, the party continued on a bit further and stopped when they came upon a few cottages south of the lane with another building 30 feet or so up ahead on the north side of the lane. They entered the westernmost cottage first, and, finding nothing of interest, proceeded on to the other two cottages across the way. These cottages had collapsed walls and roofs and trees growing up between them, and as the group entered the first of the two with Roque in the lead, they noticed some of the brush moving even though there was no breeze. Six strange shapes rose out of the brush. They were humanoid- looking, but appeared to be made of branches.

A fight ensued but the party made quick work of the creatures even though two more joined the fight from outside in the direction of the westernmost cottage. Mac identified the monsters as twig blights and the group found them susceptible to fire and bashing with melee weapons.

With a renewed sense of energy after the skirmish with the twig blights, the band decided to investigate the larger structure to the north of the lane. A signboard by the closed front door showed the faded image of a workhorse holding a flagon of ale. Roque, alerted by the sign posted outside of town relied on his ability to sense the undead and didn’t sense anything unusual in the area.

Dresden and Mac went around to the back and found another door. It was decided that Erevan and Roque would enter open the front door while Dresden and Mac would open the door on the opposite side. Upon opening their respective doors, the pair on each side of the building was surprised to find they could not see the open door on the other side. It dawned on them that the doors must open into two different rooms. As they stood there pondering this, they noticed shadowy shapes rising up within and the strong odor of decay and yeast. Roque’s ability to sense the undead at this point alerted him to the presence of zombies.

Dresden entered his side of the building first and quickly attacked one of the zombies. He delivered a solid blow, but a puff of ash burst from the thing, making him cough and clouding his vision. Roque and Erevan managed to attack other zombies while steering clear of the ash erupting from the zombies while Mac fought the monsters with fire.

Meeting Reidoth

After defeating the zombies and setting the remains aflame, the crew returned to the lane and noticed a thin, white-bearded man standing in the road watching the smoke rise from the cottages where the party had previously burned the twig blights. When the old fellow noticed the adventurers, he asked “What are you doing here? Did you start this fire?”

The group admitted they had started the fire and informed the old man they had come seeking a druid named Reidoth. The man claimed he was Reidoth, to which Mac indicated that he had come looking for him specifically to inform him of the death of his master, an old man Reidoth may have known.

When asked about the location of Cragmaw Castle, he informed the adventurers that the castle is located in the woods south of Thundertree, north of the Triboar Trail. He was happy to learn they were interested in ridding the area of the marauding goblins who were disturbing the natural order of things. He asked if they would do him a favor as well. He wished for them to chase off the dragon in the western part of Thundertree. Reidoth warned the party of a house with giant spiders near the lane leading to the tower where the dragon had taken up residence. He also warned them of a group of cultists, members of the Cult of the Dragon, who were skulking around the western part of the ruins as well.

A Tangled Web

The brave adventurers agreed to try and help Reidoth and decided to first deal with the giant spiders. They worked their way over to a ruined building in the middle of the village using a map provided by Reidoth. Webs stretched across the lane from the building to the trees across the lane. Just beyond, leading north, was a narrow line that wound up the hill. It was this lane that, according to the old druid, that would take the party to the dragon’s tower.

The crew lit the web on fire and the activity brought the spiders out of the building. As the spiders clung to the walls of the building, the group attacked. The spiders fought back but in the end were no match for the four adventurers. Once they’d defeated the spiders, they entered the old store and found the cocooned body of another adventurer. From the body, they took a potion of healing along with some gold and silver.

The party returned to Reidoth’s home to rest, planning to reconnoiter sometime during the night in anticipation of visiting the dragon’s tower the next day.

Episode 2
Welcome to Phandalin

The Cragmaw Goblins

After some deliberation, the party decided to accept Yeemik’s offer and agreed to bring him Klarg’s head on the condition that they would be allowed to take a short rest. Yeemik allowed this and he and the other goblin sat watching, now and again punching poor Sildar. The party prompted Yeemik for information about Klarg and the rest of the goblins in the cave in order to formulate a plan. Yeemik told them that they were in the hideout of the Cragmaw goblins, that there were several other goblins that usually congregated in the eastern chamber of the cave along with Klarg, their overbearing bugbear leader and his pet wolf. Yeemik also told them that someone or something named the Black Spider had sent a message to Klarg telling them to watch out for a dwarf, capture him, and send him and anything he was carrying back to King Grol at the Cragmaw Castle. That’s what they had done.

After about an hour, there was a noise from the longer passageway leading out of the cavern as another goblin came running down shouting, “Yeemik! Klarg want you!” As the goblin rounded the corner, he spotted the party, stopped short, turned, and ran back up the passageway. The party, recognizing the goblin was most likely going to get reinforcements, jumped into action, and while Yeemik and his cohort were tormenting Sildar rather than paying attention, Dresden, Erevan, and Roque attacked and killed Sildar’s captors. After a quick battle with three goblins that Roque blasted with his icy dragon breath, the party fled the Cragmaw hideout along with Sildar, retrieved their wagon and continued on along the Triboar Trail towards Phandalin.

On the road again

As it was late afternoon when they left the Cragmaw hideout, the group made camp along the road that evening, and Sildar told them the history of the town of Phandalin and why he was headed there. He told them that Phandalin was a mining town that was formed around 500 years ago when clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver’s Pact. They had agreed to share in the wealth of a mine at a cavern called Wave Echo Cave. But the mine wasn’t just a source of minerals, it was also a source of great magical power. Human spellcasters allied with the dwarves and gnomes bound that energy into a great Forge of Spells where magic items could be crafted. Soon after, however, orcs swept through the area and destroyed the town and attacked Wave Echo Cave. The battle destroyed much of the cavern. The cave-ins and tremors that followed resulted in the loss of much life and of the knowledge of the location of Wave Echo Cave. Gundren and his brothers Tharden and Nundro had located the entrance to the cave and had a map to its location, but the goblins attacked them and took it.

Sildar was accompanying Gundren to Phandalin in order to find out what had happened to Iarno Albrek, a human wizard and fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance who had been sent to Phandalin to secure the safety and prosperity of Phandalin. According to Sildar, it had been a few months since he had heard from Iarno and Sildar was eager to get back to Phandalin and investigate. He offered 50 gp to the party to escort him there.

Welcome to Phandalin

The group arrived in Phandalin the next morning and proceeded to Barthen’s Provisions to deliver the wagonload of supplies. There, they met the proprietor Elmar Barthen who was deeply saddened to learn of Gundren’s capture. “I hope Gundren’s brothers are okay. They’re camped somewhere outside of town. Between those goblins and the Redbrands this town just doesn’t feel all that safe,” he said. When asked for more information about the Redbrands, Barthen informed the party that they are group of thugs who’ve been shaking down the local businesses and causing trouble around town. He paid the party the promised 10 gp a piece for the wagon and supplies. Upon leaving the shop, Sildar informed the group that he would head on over to the Stonehill Inn to get a room and start his inquiry into the whereabouts of Iarno Albrek. Dresden and Erevan also decided to go to the Inn while Roque chose to first visit the small Shrine of Luck which passes for the town’s only temple.

On the way to the Inn, Dresden handed out some gold to a few of the local kids playing nearby. one of them tagged along to the Inn with them, clearly in awe of the mighty and generous heroes he’d just encountered. At the Inn, Dresden and Erevan ordered food from the gossipy barmaid named Elsa who recognized the adventurers as not being miners or farmers and clearly not from the area. After learning they were adventurers, she told them about a local orchard owner named Daran Edermath and about how the Redbrands were causing everyone trouble. Before she could say more, the owner of the Inn, Toblen Stonehill, came over and shooed her off to the kitchen. He admitted the Redbrands were bothersome but didn’t want to stir up any trouble so refused to talk anymore about that subject.

At the Shrine of Luck

Meanwhile, at the Shrine of Luck, Roque met Sister Garaele, the young elf acolyte who cares for the shrine. She also recognized him as not being from around the area and when Roque informed her that he had just helped rescue someone, the Sister asked if he might also be willing to help her. She had been unable to complete a mission of her own, to request information about a spellbook from a banshee who lives just outside the nearby town of Conyberry. The spell book belonged to a mage named Bowgentle, and Sister Garaele believed that maybe if Roque and his fellow adventurers were to flatter the banshee with a gift of a silver comb, perhaps the banshee would appear for them and answer the question, as she did not appear for Sister Garaele. The elf offered three healing potions as payment for the favor, and Roque eagerly accepted the offer and left, taking the comb with him. He rejoined the others at the Inn and they filled each other in on what they’d learned.

Edermath Farm

Intrigued about the retired adventurer, Daran Edermath, the party next visited Edermath Orchard. Daran saw the three coming up the road to his farm and went out to meet them. As a former marshal and herald in the Dragon Coast, he recognized Dresden as being or having been a soldier. He told the group that he was part of a group that sought to protect others and enforce justice. He thought it high time someone did something about the Redbrands and their leader, Glasstaff, and suggested the party was just the group to do so. He told them the Rebrands frequent the Sleeping Giant tap house. He also told them someone had been harassing local prospectors out northeast of Phandalin in an old ruin called Old Owl Well and that some had been chased away by undead. “Old Owl Well is part of an ancient magical empire known as Netheril, and I worry there may be some dangerous magic there,” he said.

Run-in with the Redbrands

The party left Edermath Orchard intent on visiting the Sleeping Giant and dealing with the Redbrands. They had a run-in with three of the ruffians on the porch of the tap house, with one running off in the direction of the large manor house up the road to the east. The two remaining Redbrands clearly underestimated the party, and were killed off quickly. There were no additional thugs inside, and after learning from the barkeep, a female dwarf named Grista, that the Redbrands come by often, the party decided to leave before reinforcements arrived.

At the Alderleaf’s place

They decided to head back to Stonehill Inn and rent rooms but then make camp outside town in an effort to mislead the Redbrands as to their whereabouts. The party let it be known that they’d had a fight with some Redbrands, and Trilena, the innkeeper’s wife was shocked. She told them that a local woodcarver named Thel Dendrar had once stood up to the Redbrands and was murdered for it, and his wife and son are now missing. While at the Inn, one of the kids Dresden gave money to earlier, Carp Alderleaf, was seriously impressed with the fact that the adventurers stood up to the Rebrands. He told them that he’s seen the Redbrands just outside a tunnel he found in the woods where he plays near his family’s farm. Carp’s mother, Quelline Alderleaf, invited the adventurers to stay in her barn rather than camping, and they accepted.


After a good night’s rest in the Alderleaf hay loft, the party went off with Carp to find the tunnel in the woods. They left Carp behind and then proceeded through the tunnel which opened out into a natural cavern with a wide crevasse in the center. Something smelled a bit rotten as well, so the party was on their guard as they proceeded. They noticed a bridge at either end of the crevasse and two columns supporting the ceiling some 20 ft overhead.

A few paces into the cavern, on their way to the opposite end of the cavern, the members of them team heard a strange whispering noise and felt a sort of probing of their minds. This was accompanied by strange visions of men in red cloaks, a half-eaten dead body on a rocky floor, and a dark-bearded human male in robes tossing hunks of raw meat. As they passed around the first column, they found a hideous creature, apparently the source of the telepathic images and the whispering. The party realized the creature was communicating with them and asking for food. Roque left the cavern and hurriedly retrieved some raw meat from Qelline Alderleaf’s kitchen which he gave to the creature upon returning.

The party ventured onward through the cavern as the creature ate. They crossed the bridge at the north end of the cavern and entered what appeared to be a kind of storeroom filled with barrels of and piles of beaver pelts. Further searching revealed a secret door in the southwest corner of the room leading to a staircase going down to an apparent dead end. Upon closer inspection, another secret door was revealed at the bottom of the stairs which opened up into a bedchamber within which was a dark-bearded human male in robes at a desk reading a book. Against his chair leaned a glass staff.

The party, having surprised the man, took full advantage of the opportunity, shattering the staff and quickly overpowering the man at which point he surrendered. He revealed himself to be Iarno Albrek, a former member of the Lord’s Alliance and the man Sildar Hallwinter had come to Phandalin to find. Searching the room revealed a letter to Iarno signed only with the stamp of a black spider. Within a chest at the food of the bed they also gold, silver, several gems, and two scrolls.

The group worked their way back through the cavern and out the tunnel with Iarno in custody. and proceeded to deliver him to the townmaster’s hall.

Episode 1

The adventurers met a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker in Neverwinter who hired them to escort a wagon to Phandalin. He claimed that he and his brothers had found something big and he needs those supplies. Gundren and a warrior named Sildar Hallwinter travelled up ahead of the adventurers in order to take care of some urgent business in town. Gundren has promised the adventurers that they will receive 50 gp from the owner of Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin when the wagonload of supplies is delivered.

The adventurers headed south along the High Road and travelled for several days without any trouble. About a half day after leaving the High Road to head east on the Triboar Trail, however, they came upon two dead horses blocking the path. They identified the horses as those of Gundren and Sildar and noticed the saddlebags had been looted and found an empty map case lying nearby. It was at this point the party was attacked by four goblins.

The adventurers did away with the the goblins and then found a trail in the bushes on the north side of the road leading off to the northwest. Erevan recognized that about a dozen goblins had come and gone along the trail and saw signs of two human-sized bodies being hauled away from the ambush site.

The adventurers decided to follow the trail to a large cave with a stream flowing out of it. They came across two goblins stationed in an area just outside the mouth of the cave and quickly defeated them and then continued on into the cave. Once inside the cave, the party encountered three wolves in a chamber on the east side of the stream. They kill the wolves and continue on deeper into the cave. [I forget…did someone attempt to climb up the narrow opening in the east wall? There’s a bunch old bones and junk laying there at the bottom of the fissure.]

As they followed the main passage from the cave mouth, they notice a wood and rope bridge about 20’ above the stream going east to west crossing the over main passage. Unfortunately for the adventurers, a goblin on the bridge spotted them, shouted, and ran east across the bridge to the other side and out of site. Shortly after, a huge flood of water came rushing down the passage, sweeping Erevan along. Dresden and Urdnot manage to climb up high enough to avoid getting caught up in the deluge. But after the waters receded, the goblin on the bridge let out another shout and another flood followed. This time, no one was hurt [IIRC]. [Did someone with nightvision vision shoot that goblin?]

Eventually, the party made its way up a steep passage on the west side of the passageway. There was a lot of rubble and it was hard to climb, part of the ledge even crumbled down. The characters were a little hurt in all the rough going but made it up into a tunnel that opened up into a larger cave to the west and a passageway curving off to the northeast.

The party engaged with five goblins in the cave, killing off four of them before a sixth goblin atop a ledge in the southern half of the cave yelled “Truce or the human dies!” The party recognized Sildar Hallwinter, battered and weak, as the one being threatened by the goblin. The party learns that this goblin is second in charge and named Yeemik. Yeemik wants the party to kill the head of the operation who is named Klarg. “Bring Yeemik head of Klarg and Yeemik let human go,” he says.


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