Dresden Achilles

the human fighter (played by Gary)




The Achilles name is well known in Corymarian military circles. Dresden’s grandfather, Marius Achilles, was a trusted general during King Azoun’s reign. Dresden’s father served as military council for King Obarskyr. His older brother, Tiberius Achilles, is an elite Dragon Cavalier; even his younger sister, Phonecia Achillies, out ranked him. Dresden had talent perhaps more talent than any of his siblings but he didn’t have the command of men. He is likable and loyal but was not blessed with the Achilles family trait to lead nor with the tactical mind to accept losses. Dresden believed no situation was impossible and every encounter can be won without or with minimal losses. His empathy for the common soldier prevented him from making critical decisions. “Dresden, do you know what a battle without casualties is called? A fallacy”. His grandfather used to tell him.

He learned about acceptable losses when he volunteered to lead Operation Firefly. It was a risky advance against an Orcish horde. Draw them into a valley until Corymarian reinforcements could arrive. He executed the plan flawlessly and had the Orcish column in Serenity Valley, but reinforcements never came. “Anton’s Gambit”, as its taught in Suzail military academies, was the plan of General Lannister Anton. It sacrifices some soldiers to win the war. Dresden lost his company in that valley and vowed his sword will not be the tool of others. He resigned his military commission and tossed his swords into the sea – vowing never to use the symbols of a soldier.

Leaving Suzail, Dresden seeks to find fame befitting the Achilles name on his own.

Dresden Achilles

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