Mac tíre Leanúna

Half-Elf Druid


Mac tíre Leanúna (“Mac”), a half-elf, was abandoned as a baby, and taken in by an orphanage associated with a temple of one of the major gods. As a child, he began training as a priest (hence an “acolyte” background), but he struggled to fit in, and he never fully embraced that faith.

At age ~15, he had a vision in which he was freed from a prison by a she-wolf, who then instructed the boy to “follow her”. When he woke from the vision, the boy spotted a wolf, so he abandoned the temple and followed the wolf.

After a long journey, the wolf led him to a sacred grove deep in a forest. There he met an ancient druid. Over the next 10 years, the old druid trained the boy in the “Old Faith”, with an emphasis on nature & animals.

Then one day, he received another she-wolf vision that instructed him to take a few acorns from the trees of the sacred grove, and go on a journey to a distant mountain. When he returned from this uneventful journey, he discovered that members of the Cult of the Dragon had destroyed and desecrated the grove and killed the old master. He impulsively sought revenge, but was waylaid by the attackers, and left for dead. Mac’tire still bears a huge, ugly, near-fatal scar across chest from this attack, in addition to a lost finger on left hand.

After wandering aimlessly & meditating alone for months, he received a third vision: The she-wolf told him that he must travel the world to help restore “balance”, and that after many trials, he would achieve revenge against those who attacked the grove, and he would discover a new sacred location where he would plant the acorns and create a new grove.
So he sets out on this ‘quest’. He beings by seeking a old druid named Reidoth, who he knows frequents the town of Phandalin, and travels between Phandalin & the nearby ruins of a place called Thundertree (north of Phandalin, west of Neverwinter). He thinks Reidoth knew his old master, and might also offer advice for his quest to ‘restore balance’.


  • He still possesses a small bag of sacred acorns (which he will fight to the death to protect)
  • He is not allowed to touch or possess anything gold or silver (including coins). Copper & iron are OK.
  • He wears hide armor (which is equivalent to leather from an AC perspective, but a lot shabbier & a bit smelly), and he wields a quarter-staff.

Mac tíre Leanúna

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