Urdnot Rhoquar

the dragonborn paladin (played by Ian)


Family: The Frost Preserves, The Snow Endures
Father: Urdnot Draxon (Snowfather)
Mother: Urdnot Xara (Frostmother)

Brothers (Both Older)
Urdnot Kalross (The Heir)
Urdnot Drakkon (The Spare)

Family Background: The Urdnot family is an old noble house whose keep resides at the summit of the Frosttooth Mountain. There lands extend the entire mountain and several miles from the base. Their claim to riches is due to the stone found at the top of the keep. They started as smiths and forged themselves into great warriors. They call the stone near the summit skystone and while the stone is brittle it is very malleable and with the help of the frost the weapons are very strong.

Childhood: The Urdnot clan has always been about honor that is earned not given. While Draxon has never been beaten in battle he is growing old and decided when the youngest son Rhoquar was of age twenty his three sons would duel for the throne. Each brother would duel each other until one had beaten each brother twice in a ceremony called The Proving.

Kalross the oldest and most experienced used his father’s chosen weapon the Warhammer, Drakkon chose two longswords and Roque chose the Morningstar and Shield. The brothers called him a coward for needing a shield, but it proved invaluable. Each brother had beaten each other once. Kalross and Roque each had beaten the hasty Drakkon twice. In the last duel Kalross swung the mighty Warhammer and almost crushed Roque’s shield. Roque wrapped the chain of his Morningstar around Kalross’ leg tripped him and pounced after a furious ground grapple Roque had won the Proving.

Roque finally had approval from his parents but it would not last long. His conniving brothers revealed that he intended to wed a lowly green Dragonborn Mira Zhan who was a low level handmaiden to Xara. His Father claimed the Frost Preserves, but acid burns and wastes away. His parents had her executed and sent the rightful heir of Frosttooth to serve the Church.

As a holy warrior Roque goes where he is bid; living to serve. The lessons learned as a child of earning honor and the humility he has learned from the church has taught Roque that whether you are a lowly beggar or a King you are worthy of respect. He often is quick to anger if he feels he is not getting the respect he deserves.Roque now serves the church and his family whenever he can to get back in their good graces, but nothing seems to meet their approval.


Urdnot Rhoquar

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