Episode 8

A Ghost and a Skull

Leave No Strongbox Behind

The party moved deeper into Wave Echo cave, searching for the source of the periodic whooshing sound.

Unable to pass up the opportunity to open a door, the group cautiously entered a rectangular room that had a long, counter-like table. A weighing scale rested on the table. On the wall behind the counter were a series of cubby-holes, many containing scraps of paper. The decayed corpses of dwarves and gnomes were scattered around the room. The strips of paper appeared to be receipts or records, recording the ore submitted by individual miners and possibly the pay they received.

Behind the counter, a locked strongbox caught the party’s eyes. Attempts to pick and bash the lock were unsuccessful. Certain that it held great treasure, the party was hesitant to leave it behind, so Rhoq flexed his dragony muscles and carried the box with them further into the Cave.

Hold Your Breath

A further passageway led to a large, rectangular cavern, covered with a kind of moss or fungus. An passageway exited on the far side of the room. Boldly the party stomped forward into the cavern, only to be surrounded by a cloud of poison gas emanating from the fungus.

Urdnot became poisoned, but bravely rushed forward through the cavern to the other side, even as the others retreated to the original side. Inspired by his heroics, each party member held their breath and lurched thru the cavern. Soon, they were all across, and Urdnot’s illness faded.

Let’s Talk to the Spectre, He Seems Nice

As they moved closer to the sound, they came upon a set of closed double-doors that led into a room that jutted out into the corridor. The wall containing the double-doors was blackened, as if it had suffered from fire damage, or repeated blasts. They forced their way through the doors and into a large rectangular room, split in half with a wall that projected halfway into the room. This room, the party decided, was happy to see them.

A living area with a bed occupied one half of the room. A chest at the foot of the bed drew the group’s attention, but a ghost-like figure suddenly appeared. It identified itself as Moremask, and warned them that it would not let them take its treasure. However, after some tense discussions, the spectre’s attention was drawn to a magical spell scroll carried by Mac. The ghost said that if the party would give him the scroll, plus perform the minor task of “killing the Spectator,” they could have what was in the chest. The party agreed. They tried to pry more information from Moremask about the Spectator, but got only garbled responses.

The Escarpment and the Eye

After learning that the mysterious Spectator was up an escarpment, the party began a heavy debate on the meaning of ‘escarpment.’ Agreeing to disagree, they proceeded up (or possibly down or through) the escarpment, and found a second room behind a part of double-doors. One of the doors was slighly ajar, through which they spied a glowing light.

Bursting into the room, they spotted what appeared to be a workroom in which weapons or armor was made. In the center of the room was a fountain-like beam of strange, mystical light. Floating nearby was a giant sphere with many stalks, each with an eye at the end.

Somehow, Erevan was able to hear the thoughts of the hovering eyeball monster, which spoke in a strange language. It warned the party that it was a guardian there, and could not leave while it was guarding the light-fountain. Erevan announced that he was there to relieve the Spectator. Strangely, that satisfied the bizarre creature, and it disappeared.

Gran, curious about the fountain, decided to stick things into the mystical beam. He reported a tingly feeling, which immediately caused all of the guys to gather around and stick their things into it too. After everyone got tingly, they headed back to Moremask, who rewarded them with a pile of coins and three diamonds.

The Forge

TBD – Still need to flesh this part out

- Down stairs into huge cavern
- Bellows and waterwheel; a forge;
- Crashing waves onto a crevice; obviously source of the “Wave Echo” noise
- Encounter with green floating skull, 4 dwarf, 4 orc zombies/skeletons
- Tough fight; party somewhat separated into melee and ranged weapon groups; Roque and Erevan both dropped below 0 HP; final victory



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